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Publications [#60629] of David J. Brady

Papers Published

  1. Xu, Zhaochun and Wang, Zhanglei and Sullivan, Michael E. and Brady, David J. and Foulger, Stephen H. and Adibi, Ali, Multimodal multiplex spectroscopy using photonic crystals, Optics Express, vol. 11 no. 18 (2003), pp. 2126 - 2133
    (last updated on 2007/04/11)

    Spatio-spectral transmission patterns induced on low coherence fields by disordered photonic crystals can be used to construct optical spectrometers. Experimental results suggest that 1-10 nm resolution multimodal spectrometers for diffuse source analysis may be constructed using a photonic crystal mounted on a focal plane array. The relative independence of spatial and spectral modal response in photonic crystals enables high efficiency spectral analysis of diffuse sources. © 2003 Optical Society of America.

    Crystals;Multiplexing;Diffusion;Color;Vectors;Least squares approximations;Modal analysis;Spectroscopic analysis;