Publications [#281145] of Peter K. Haff

Papers Published

  1. Haff, PK; Werner, BT, COLLISIONAL INTERACTION OF A SMALL NUMBER OF CONFINED, INELASTIC GRAINS., vol. 3 (December, 1987), pp. 483-501, Miami Beach, FL, USA
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    In some grain systems of practical interest, however, the dispersed grains, although playing an important role in the system dynamics, are not numerous enough to justify a continuum description a priori. We have studied a computer model of one such system, in which a small number of inelastic spheres driven by a localized energy source are confined to an enclosed three dimensional space. Grain inelasticity exerts a dominant influence on these systems. With respect to the Maxwellian velocity distribution which elastic particles with the same average 'temperature' would show, the simulated velocity distribution exhibits a peak at lower energy, with a significant high energy tail.

    SOLIDS - Velocity Measurement;FLOW OF FLUIDS - Granular Materials;