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Publications [#281174] of Peter K. Haff

Papers Published

  1. Raghuraman, J; Haff, PK, Scaling-up of small-scale granular sediment transport laws, Proceedings of Engineering Mechanics, vol. 1 (January, 1996), pp. 262-264, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
    (last updated on 2019/05/21)

    Practical applications of laboratory sediment transport studies include the attempt to predict erosion of soil on hillslopes subject to rainfall-induced runoff. Most scientific studies of the mechanics of sediment transport have been performed at laboratory-scale, or in limited reaches of streams where bed and flow conditions are relatively well-known. The study reported here examines the application of basic sediment transport laws to prediction of large-scale sediment fluxes on hillslopes where topographic details of the slope are unknown at scales below the cell-size of the simulation. In particular, the situation in which small channels or rills on the hillslope are not resolved is examined. It is shown that empirical power-law sediment transport rules may generate systematic errors in their prediction of erosion and deposition rates.

    Granular materials;Mechanics;Computer simulation;Erosion;Runoff;Soils;Mathematical models;Channel flow;Sediments;Shear stress;