Publications [#60202] of Peter K. Haff

Papers Published

  1. Werner, B.T. and Haff, P.K., Dynamical simulations of granular materials using the Caltech Hypercube, Third Conference on Hypercube Concurrent Computers and Applications (1988), pp. 1313 - 18, Pasadena, CA, USA
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    A technique for simulating the motion of granular materials using the Caltech Hypercube is described. The authors demonstrate that grain dynamics simulations run efficiently on the Hypercube and therefore that they offer an opportunity for greatly expanding the use of parallel simulations in studying granular materials. Several examples, which illustrate how the simulations can be used to extract information concerning the behavior of granular materials, are discussed

    digital simulation;granular materials;hypercube networks;mechanical engineering computing;physics computing;