Publications [#243872] of Jonathan C. Mattingly

Papers Published

  1. with Anderson, DF; Mattingly, JC, A weak trapezoidal method for a class of stochastic differential equations, Communications in Mathematical Sciences, vol. 9 no. 1 (2011), pp. 301-318, International Press of Boston, ISSN 1539-6746
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    We present a numerical method for the approximation of solutions for the class of stochastic differential equations driven by Brownian motions which induce stochastic variation in fixed directions. This class of equations arises naturally in the study of population processes and chemical reaction kinetics. We show that the method constructs paths that are second order accurate in the weak sense. The method is simpler than many second order methods in that it neither requires the construction of iterated It̂o integrals nor the evaluation of any derivatives. The method consists of two steps. In the first an explicit Euler step is used to take a fractional step. The resulting fractional point is then combined with the initial point to obtain a higher order, trapezoidal like, approximation. The higher order of accuracy stems from the fact that both the drift and the quadratic variation of the underlying SDE are approximated to second order. © 2011 International Press.