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Publications [#281976] of Andrew D. Krystal

Papers Published

  1. Zoldi, SM; Krystal, A; Greenside, HS, Stationarity and redundancy of multichannel EEG data recorded during generalized tonic-clonic seizures., Brain Topography, vol. 12 no. 3 (2000), pp. 187-200, ISSN 0896-0267 [10791682], [doi]
    (last updated on 2021/04/13)

    To improve our understanding of the physiology of generalized tonic-clonic (GTC) seizures, we have investigated the stationarity and redundancy of 21-electrode EEG data recorded from ten patients during GTC seizures elicited by electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Stationarity was examined by calculating probability density functions (pdfs) and power spectra over small equal-length non-overlapping time windows and then by studying, visually and quantitatively, the evolution of these quantities over the duration of the seizures. Our analysis shows that some seizures had no demonstrable stationarity, that most seizures had time intervals of at least a few seconds that were statistically stationary by several criteria, and that, in some seizures, there were leads which were delayed in manifesting the statistical changes associated with seizure onset evident in other leads. The redundancy analysis demonstrated for the first time posterior-to-anterior time delays in the mid-ictal region of GTC seizures. The implications of these findings are discussed for the analysis of GTC seizure EEG data, for the physiology of GTC seizures, and for ECT research.

    Aged • Electrodes • Electroencephalography* • Epilepsy, Generalized • Female • Humans • Male • Middle Aged • Models, Neurological* • Reaction Time • Seizures • Signal Processing, Computer-Assisted • diagnosis • diagnosis* • physiology • physiopathology • physiopathology*