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Publications [#282437] of Lawrence N. Virgin

Papers Published

  1. Gao, L; Gottron, NJ; Virgin, LN; Yellen, BB, The synchronization of superparamagnetic beads driven by a micro-magnetic ratchet., Lab on a Chip, vol. 10 no. 16 (August, 2010), pp. 2108-2114, ISSN 1473-0197 [20556295], [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/09/20)

    We present theoretical, numerical, and experimental analyses on the non-linear dynamic behavior of superparamagnetic beads exposed to a periodic array of micro-magnets and an external rotating field. The agreement between theoretical and experimental results revealed that non-linear magnetic forcing dynamics are responsible for transitions between phase-locked orbits, sub-harmonic orbits, and closed orbits, representing different mobility regimes of colloidal beads. These results suggest that the non-linear behavior can be exploited to construct a novel colloidal separation device that can achieve effectively infinite separation resolution for different types of beads, by exploiting minor differences in their bead's properties. We also identify a unique set of initial conditions, which we denote the "devil's gate" which can be used to expeditiously identify the full range of mobility for a given bead type.