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Publications [#282476] of Lawrence N. Virgin

Papers Published

  1. Gottwald, JA; Virgin, LN; Dowell, EH, Experimental mimicry of Duffing's equation, Journal of Sound and Vibration, vol. 158 no. 3 (November, 1992), pp. 447-467, Elsevier BV, ISSN 0022-460X [0022-460X(92)90419-X], [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/09/19)

    Extensive analytical and numerical investigations have focused on Duffing's equation. However, experimental work, in a mechanics context, has been limited to studying systems the stiffness characteristics of which can be approximated by a non-linear (cubic) restoring force; e.g., a buckled beam excited transversely or a rigid pendulum undergoing moderately large amplitude motion. This work describes a novel experimental approach whereby a particle/rigid body is contrived to mimic the behavior of Duffing's equation. This is a direct extension of the concept of a ball rolling on a double-well potential energy surface. Both free and forced oscillations are considered, illustrating familiar non-linear dynamics features including competing steady state attractors, hysteresis, sensitivity to initial conditions, subharmonic oscillations and chaos. © 1992.

    chaos;hysteresis;nonlinear dynamical systems;oscillations;partial differential equations;