Aubrey R HB, Graduate Student

Aubrey R HB
Office Location:  017 Physics
Office Phone:  (919)-660-2870
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Starting Year:   2005  
Advisor(s):   John Harer
Thesis Title:   Persistent Cohomology  
Defense Date:   2011/04/04  


MSDuke University2006
BABarnard College, Columbia University2005

Applied Math
Research Interests: Computational Algebraic Topology

I study Persistence Homology under the direction of John Harer. This is an application of homology to data sets to understand a topological structure that the data might have. Currently, I am looking at an application that Cohomology might have to give information about bundle structures over the data as well as seeing embedded structures within the complete topological structure of the data.

Areas of Interest:

Stiefel-Whitney Classes
Persistence Homology


Cohomology • Stiefel-Whitney Classes • Persistent Homology