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Publications [#302435] of Paul L Bendich

Papers Published

  1. with Bendich, P; Wang, B; Mukherjee, S, Local homology transfer and stratification learning, Proceedings of the Annual Acm Siam Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (2012), pp. 1355-1370
    (last updated on 2018/12/09)

    The objective of this paper is to show that point cloud data can under certain circumstances be clustered by strata in a plausible way. For our purposes, we consider a stratified space to be a collection of manifolds of different dimensions which are glued together in a locally trivial manner inside some Euclidean space. To adapt this abstract definition to the world of noise, we first define a multi-scale notion of stratified spaces, providing a stratification at different scales which are indexed by a radius parameter. We then use methods derived from kernel and cokernel persistent homology to cluster the data points into different strata. We prove a correctness guarantee for this clustering method under certain topological conditions. We then provide a probabilistic guarantee for the clustering for the point sample setting - we provide bounds on the minimum number of sample points required to state with high probability which points belong to the same strata. Finally, we give an explicit algorithm for the clustering. Copyright © SIAM.
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