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Publications [#323468] of David A. Smith

Papers Published

  1. Moore, LC; Smith, DA, Changing technology implies changing pedagogy, in A Fresh Start for Collegiate Mathematics: Rethinking the Courses below Calculus, MAA Notes, edited by Nancy Baxter Hastings et al., Maa Notes, vol. 69 (2006), pp. 229-+, Mathematical Association of America, ISBN 0-88385-179-2
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    Students with notebook computers connected to a campus backbone by wireless cards are increasingly common. Extensive use of communication technology such as NetMeeting is less common but should be the norm in a couple of years. And, if this were an interactive, online article, we could provide a live link to video of students working through our module. If our scenario is an accurate glimpse of the future|and we believe this future is almost upon us|what are the issues for student learning? . . . Technology is changing the way students approach learning. Increasingly, they will conceive of their work in terms of interactive learning materials, computer algebra systems, spreadsheets, and Web-based cooperation|with occasional use of pencil and paper. Learning how to learn in this environment is as important as learning about the mathematics itself.
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