Eddie Fuller, Teaching Assistant Professor

Office Location:  225 Physics Bldg
Office Phone:  (919) 660-2848
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Web Page:  http://www.math.duke.edu/~ef/

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Ph.D. University of Georgia, 1999 B.S. University of Georgia, 1993
Research Interests: Geometric Knot Theory and Contact Geometry

I am currently studying the geometric properties of holonomic knots and their relationship to Legendrian knots. Holonomic knots are close space curves parametrized by (-f,f',-f'') for a periodic function f. It turns out that these curves represent all knot types and that (ambient) isotopic holonomic knots are holonomically isotopic. They also have interesting geometric properties. For example, there is an easy condition on f under which a holonomic knot has vanishing curvature.