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Publications [#9795] of Eric Sharpe


  1. Eric Sharpe, Quotient Stacks and String Orbifolds , preprint 2001 [hep-th/0103008]
    (last updated on 2001/03/02)

    In this short review we outline some recent developments in understanding string orbifolds. In particular, we outline the recent observation that string orbifolds do not precisely describe string propagation on quotient spaces, but rather are literally sigma models on objects called quotient stacks, which are closely related to (but not quite the same as) quotient spaces. We show how this is an immediate consequence of definitions, and also how this explains a number of features of string orbifolds, from the fact that the CFT is well-behaved to orbifold Euler characteristics. Put another way, many features of string orbifolds previously considered ``stringy'' are now understood as coming from the target-space geometry; one merely needs to identify the correct target-space geometry.
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