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Publications of Amir Jafari    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:

Papers Published

  1. A. Jafari, A.Greenwald, A genral Class of No-Regret Learning Algorithms and Game-Theoretic Equilibria, Proceedings of the sixteenth annual conference on computational learning theory (August, 2003), pp. 1-11
  2. A. Jafari, A. Greenwald, D. Gondek, E. Ercal, On No Regret Learning, Fictitious Play, and Nash Equilibrium, Proceedings of the Eighteen International conference on machine learning (June, 2001), pp. 226-234

Papers Submitted

  1. A. Jafari & H. Furusho, Regularization and generalized double shuffle relations for p-adic multiple zeta values (October, 2005) [math.NT/0510681]  [abs]


  1. A. Jafari & H.Furusho, Algebraic cycles and motivic generic iterated integrals. (June, 2005) [math.NT/0506370]  [abs]
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