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Publications [#243351] of J. Thomas Beale

Papers Published

  1. Beale, JT, A convergent boundary integral method for three-dimensional water waves, Mathematics of Computation, vol. 70 no. 235 (July, 2001), pp. 977-1029, American Mathematical Society (AMS) [ps], [doi]
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    We design a boundary integral method for time-dependent, three-dimensional, doubly periodic water waves and prove that it converges with O(h ) accuracy, without restriction on amplitude. The moving surface is represented by grid points which are transported according to a computed velocity. An integral equation arising from potential theory is solved for the normal velocity. A new method is developed for the integration of singular integrals, in which the Green's function is regularized and an efficient local correction to the trapezoidal rule is computed. The sums replacing the singular integrals are treated as discrete versions of pseudodifferential operators and are shown to have mapping properties like the exact operators. The scheme is designed so that the error is governed by evolution equations which mimic the structure of the original problem, and in this way stability can be assured. The wave-like character of the exact equations of motion depends on the positivity of the operator which assigns to a function on the surface the normal derivative of its harmonic extension; similarly, the stability of the scheme depends on maintaining this property for the discrete operator. With n grid points, the scheme can be implemented with essentially O(n) operations per time step. 3
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