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Curriculum Vitae

Andrea L Bertozzi

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Duke University, Box 90320
Durham, NC 27708-0320
(310) 825-4340 (office)

Born 1965, Boston, MA
US Citizen


Ph.D. in Mathematics, Princeton Univ., 1991 M.A. in Mathematics, Princeton Univ., 1988 A.B. in Mathematics, Princeton Univ., 1987

Areas of Research

Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, Applied Mathematics, Thin films, Image Processing, Swarming

Areas of Experience

Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations,
Thin Films and Moving Contact Lines,
Fluid Dynamics,
Image Processing,
Swarming dynamics

Awards, Honors, and Distinctions

ONR Graduate Fellowship 1987-91
Bell Labs GRPW Grant 1987
National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship 1991-4
Sloan Research Fellowship 1995
Maria Geoppert-Mayer Distinguished Scholar-Argonne National Lab. 1995-6
ONR Young Investigator Award 1996
Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers 1996

Major Grant Support

  • ``Collaborative Research - ITR - High Order Partial Differential Equations: Theory, Computational Tools, and Applications in Image Processing, Computer Graphics, Biology, and Fluids,''
    NSF grant ACI-0321917
    collaborative grant
    with G. Sapiro, S. Osher, A. Hosoi, and R. Fedkiw
  • ``Microfluidic Systems: Coating Flows and Image Analysis,'' ONR expansion of grant N000140110290, approximately $434,000, 11/02-10/05
  • ``Modelling, design, and control of distributed mobile sensors,'' ONR grant N000140310073, in collaboration with Ira Schwartz at the Naval Research Lab, $332,350 (Duke portion), 10/02-9/05
  • ``Swarming in two and three dimensions,'' ARO grant DAAD19-02-1-0055 4/01/02-12/31/04, $229,389
  • ``Transport and Diffusion in Surfactant Driven Thin Films and Higher Order Methods for Image Processing,'' ONR grant N000140110290, $182,902, 6/01-5/04
  • ``Collaborative proposal: Focused Research Group on Fundamental Problems in the Dynamics of Thin Viscous Films and Fluid Interfaces'' (PI) with T. P. Witelski, and R. Behringer, NSF DMS-0074049, $781,988, 8/31/2000-7/31/2003.
  • ``Duke University Program for Vertically Integrated, Interdisciplinary Reseasrch'' (PI) with J. Bookman, D. Kraines, J. T. Beale, and W. K. Allard, NSF DMS-9983320, $2,421,444, 7/1/2000-6/30/2005.
  • Duke Center for Instructional Technology Grant, $5,000, Spring 2000, for development of computational component of Math 232, PDE I
  • ``Project ADVANCE: Developing A Resilient Cohort of Women in Quantitative
    Sciences'' (co-PI) with R. Thompson (PI), NSF HRD-9979478, $99,924, 1/1/2000-6/31/2001.
  • ONR YIP/PECASE Award, grant number N00014-96-1-0656 ``Interface motion and lubrication-type equations'', $526,066, 6/96-5/01
  • ONR Grant 1995-6, $50,000.
  • Sloan Research Fellowship 1995-9, $30,000.
  • ``Hydrodynamic Interface Motion'', NSF DMS-9409484, $18,000, 6/1/94-12/31/95.
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, NSF DMS-9107916, $75,000, 7/1/91-6/30/94
  • Professional Service

    University Committee
    Steering committee, Center for Nonlinear and Complex Systems, 2001-03  
    co-PI and co-director, Duke ADVANCE Program for first year women in the quantitative sciences, Duke University, 1999-2001  
    Dept Committee
    Director, Focussed Research Group on Thin Films, 2000-03  
    Director, Duke VIGRE Program, 2000-02  
    Applied Math Search Committee, 2001-02  
    Undergraduate Major Advisor (eight students fall 1998, spring 99, fall 99), 1998-99  
    Papers Refereed
    Papers refereed 2004, April 2004  
    NSF Reviews And Panels
    Proposal Review, NSF, applied math, 7 November 2003  
    Petroleum Research Fund (American Chemical Society) Proposal Review, 26 August 2003  
    Math Community Services
    SIAM Review, Editorial Board, 1 November 2002  
    Interfaces and Free Boundaries, Editorial Board, 1 September 2002  
    primary organizer, IPAM workshop ``Microfluidics in the 21st Century'', Univ. of California Los Angeles, November 2002  
    co-organizer (with M. Shearer), Three part minisymposium on thin films and fluid interfaces, SIAM 50 Anniversary Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, July 2002  
    co-organizer (with L. Vese), 4 part Minisymposium on PDE in image processing, SIAM first conf. on Imaging Science, Boston, MA, March 2002  
    Faculty Representative for Duke, Science Coalition (US Congress, Washington, DC), September 1999  
    organizer, Applied Math recruiting poster, July 1998  
    Selected Recent Invited Talks

    4th Southern California Applied Mathematics Symposium, Claremont Colleges, April 24, 2004 [available here]  
    AMS Sectional Meeting, Special Session on PDEs, Igor Kukavica and Qi Zhang organizers, USC, Los Angeles, CA, 3 April 2004 [2106_program_ss9.html#title]  
    Cooperative Control Workshop, Block Island, RI, 17 June 2003 [available here]  
    International Conference on Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Applications, Plenary Talk, Northwestern University, 13 June 2003 [html]  
    ONR PIs meeting on Image Processing, University of Minnesota Digital Technology Center, 9 May 2003  
    Mathematics Colloquium, Georgia Tech, 27 March 2003 [html]  
    Biomathematics Seminar, Vanderbilt University, 26 March 2003 [html]  
    Applied Mathematics Colloquium, Princeton University, 10 March 2003 [html]  
    Applied Mathematics Colloquium, Brown University Dvision of Applied Mathematics, 23 January 2003  
    Workshop on image analysis and understanding data from scientific experiments, invited talk on "Fourth order PDEs in image processing" and short course on "Navier-Stokes, fluid dynamics, and image and video inpainting", Los Alamos National Laboratory, 2 December 2002 [ImageAnalysis]  
    Mathematics Colloquium, Univ. of California Santa Barbara, 22 November 2002  
    Mechanical Engineering Colloquium, Univ. of California Los Angeles, 7 November 2002  
    Applied Mathematics Colloquium, University of Arizona, Tucson, 1 November 2002 [html]  
    MPS Distinguished Lecture, National Science Foundation, Washington DC, 21 October 2002  
    Mechanical Engineering Seminar, University of California Santa Barbara, 7 October 2002  
    PDE seminar, Brown University, 27 September 2002 [view_seminars.cgi]  
    Applied Mathematics Colloquium, Brown University, 26 September 2002 [view_seminars.cgi]  
    Mechanical Engineering Hatsopoulos Microfluids Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 24 September 2002 [html]  
    Invited topical lecture, SIAM 50th Anniversary Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, 8 July 2002 [available here]  
    Mechanical Engineering Colloquium, Univ. of California, Berkeley, 25 April 2002  
    Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Fluid Physics (CIRF) Seminar, University of California at Santa Barbara, 13 March 2002  
    Applied Mathematics Colloquium, Univ. of California Los Angeles, 12 March 2002  
    Vision, Information, Statistical Signal Theories and Applications Group Seminar, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, North Carolina State University, 22 February 2002 [available here]  
    Computational Science and Engineering, CSE, Colloquium 2002, US Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD, 28 January 2002 [html]  
    AMS Special Session on Partial Differential Equations and Their Applications, AMS Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, 8 January 2002 [2049_program_tuesday.html#2049:AMSSSS1]  
    SIAM Minisymposium on Mathematical Models for Image Analysis and Computer Vision, AMS Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, 7 January 2002 [2049_program_monday.html#2049:SIAMMINI6]  
    Southeast Conference on Applied Mathematics, North Carolina State University, 9 November 2001  
    Keynote Address, Sonia Kovalevsky High School Math Day, New College, Sarasota, FL, 27 October 2001 [available here]  
    CAMP/Nonlinear PDE's Seminar, Univ. of Chicago, 16 October 2001 [html]  
    Applied Mathematics Colloquium, Northwestern University, 15 October 2001 [html]  
    Applied Mathematics Seminar, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, 12 October 2001 [event.phtml]  
    Differential Equations Seminar, North Carolina State University, 4 October 2001 [html]  
    NATO Advance Study Institute, Univ. of Montreal, Quebec CANADA, 13 July 2001 [htm]  
    Séminaire Analyse Numérique, Université de Paris-Sud, 10 May 2001 [html]  
    two plenary lectures: "Dynamics of phase boundaries and nonclassical waves", Kirchzarten(Schwarzwald), Germany, 7 May 2001 [available here]  
    Applied Mathematics Seminar, Technical University, Munich, Germany, 4 May 2001  
    Dynamical Systems Seminar, Boston University, 12 March 2001 [html]  
    Noetherian Ring Seminar, Princeton University, 9 March 2001 [htm]  
    Applied Math Lab Seminar, Courant Institute NYU, 8 March 2001 [html]  
    Applied Mathematics Seminar, Univ. of California, Berkeley, 23 January 2001  
    Keynote Speaker: Mt. Baldy Conference on Applied Mathematics, Harvey Mudd College, 28 October 2000 [available here]  
    Mathematics Colloquium, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, 26 October 2000 [html]  
    Invited Plenary Talk, Third SIAM Meeting on Materials Science, Philadelphia, PA, 22 May 2000 [available here]  
    Mathematics Colloquium, Rutgers University, 7 April 2000  
    Applied Mathematics Seminar, Harvard University, 6 April 2000  
    Multimedia Seminar, IMA, Univ. of Minnesota, 16 March 2000  
    Kempner Colloquium, Mathematics Dept., Univ. of Colorado Boulder, 13 March 2000  
    Applied Mathematics Seminar, Univ. of California Santa Barbara, 10 March 2000  
    Physics Colloquium, UNC Wilmington, 3 March 2000  
    Invited talk, Dynamics Days 2000, Santa Fe, NM, 1 January 2000  
    Applied Mathematics Seminar, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU, 5 November 1999 [edu]  
    Applied Mathematics Seminar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 24 September 1999  
    Workshop: ``Pattern formation in physics and mechanics'', Lorentz Center, Univ. of Leiden, Netherlands, 18 August 1999  
    workshop: ``The Dynamics of Thin Fluid Films'', ICMS Edinburgh Scotland, 13 July 1999  
    Special IAM Colloquium, Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, 24 May 1999  
    Analysis Seminar, Univ. of Pennsylvania, 5 April 1999  
    Analysis Seminar, Univ. of California, Irvine, 16 March 1999  
    Joint Applied Mathematics/Control and Dynamical Systems/CRPC Seminar, CaliforniaInstitute of Technology, 15 March 1999  
    Physics Colloquium, Wake Forest University, 25 February 1999  
    CAMP/Nonlinear PDE's Seminar, Univ. of Chicago, 17 February 1999 [html]  
    PDE seminar, Univ. of Maryland, 15 February 1999  
    Physics Colloquium, Duke Univ., 3 February 1999  
    AMS Invited Address, annual meeting of the AMS, MAA, etc. San Antonio, TX, 16 January 1999  
    Sonderforschungsbereich 438, Munich/Freising Germany, 7 December 1998  
    Applied Mathematics Seminar, Univ. Bonn. Germany, 3 December 1998  
    Trends in Mathematical Physics, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 14 October 1998  
    Workshop on Interfacial Phenomena,, Instituto Pluridisciplinar, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Span, 13 July 1998  
    Joint Brown-Boston University PDE Seminar, Brown University, 19 March 1998  
    Analysis Seminar, Mathematics Dept., UT Austin, TX, 27 February 1998  
    Singularities in Nonlinear Physics, Mathematics, and Engineering, Los Alamos National Lab CNLS Workshop in Sante Fe, NM, 1 January 1998  
    Plenary Lecture,Third Midwest-Southeastern Atlantic Joint Regional Conference in Differential Equations, Vanderbilt Univ., 1 November 1997  
    Mathematics Colloquium, UNC Chapel Hill, 1 September 1997  
    plenary lecture, Julia Robinson Conference (AWM), MSRI, Berkeley, CA, 1 June 1996  
    Doctoral Theses Directed

    John Greer , Fourth order diffusions for image processing, (2003)  
    Ted Welsh , Mathematical modeling of landscape erosion: convergence, singularities, and shocks in a continuous, trasport-limited model, (2003)  
    Liya Zhornitskaya, Positivity Preserving Numerical Schemes for Lubrication Equations, (1999)  
    Professional Affiliations

    Dickson Instructor, University of Chicago 1991-5
    Maria Geoppert-Mayer Distinguished Scholar, Argonne National Laboratory, 1995-6
    Associate Professor of Mathematics, Duke University 1995-8
    Associate Professor of Mathematics and Physics, Duke University 1998-9
    Professor of Mathematics and Physics, Duke University, 1999-2004
    Director, Center for Nonlinear and Complex Systems, Duke University, 1999-2000
    Professor of Mathematics, Univ. of California Los Angeles, starting July 2003

    Referee for the following journals:

    Mathematics: Applied Numerical Analysis, Chaos, Communications in Mathematical Physics, Communications in PDE, Duke Mathematical Journal, Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems, Dynamic Systems and Applications, J. Engineering Mathematics, European J. Applied Mathematics, Indiana Univ. Mathematical Journal, Interfaces and free boundaries, International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences, Mathematische Annalen, Nonlinear analysis theory methods and applications, Nonlinearity, Quarterly of Applied Mathematics, Queuing Systems Theory and Applications, SIAM J. Applied Mathematics, SIAM J. Mathematical Analysis.

    Physics, fluid mechanics, chemistry: Advances in Colloid and Interface Science, J. Colloid and Interface Science, The European Physical Journal E, Langmuir, J. Fluid Mechanics, J. Statistical Physics, Physica D, Physics of Fluids, Physical Review E, Physical Review Letters.

    Image processing : IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence.

    Students and postdocs supervised:

    former students: Liya Zhornitskaya, Ph. D. 1999, Edward Welsh, Ph. D. 2003, Robert Buckingham, 2001.
    current students: John Greer, Yao-Li Chuang (Physics).
    former postdocs: Mark Bowen, Univ. Nottingham, Karl Glasner, Asst. Prof. Univ. Arizona, Ning Ju, Asst. Prof., Oklahoma State Univ., Lou Kondic, Assoc. Prof. NJIT, Andreas Muench, Technical Univ. Munich.
    current postdocs: Dan Marthaler, Linda Smolka, Jeanman Sur, Chad Topaz.
    Publications (listed separately)

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    ph: 919.660.2800
    fax: 919.660.2821

    Mathematics Department
    Duke University, Box 90320
    Durham, NC 27708-0320