Andrea L Bertozzi, Adjunct Professor

Andrea L Bertozzi
Office Location:  7619D Mathematical Sciences, UCLA
Office Phone:  (310) 825-4340
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Ph.D. in Mathematics, Princeton Univ., 1991 M.A. in Mathematics, Princeton Univ., 1988 A.B. in Mathematics, Princeton Univ., 1987

Applied Math
Research Interests: Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, Applied Mathematics, Thin films, Image Processing, Swarming

I am interested in applied problems involving nonlinear PDE. Most of my research is directly in or motivated by fluid dynamics. I study problems in thin liquid films, nonlinear PDE for image processing, and nonlinear dynamics of swarms.

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Recent Publications

  1. A. L. Bertozzi and J. B. Greer, Low-curvature image simplifiers: Global regularity of smooth solutions and Laplacian limiting schemes, Communications On Pure And Applied Mathematics, vol. 57 no. 6 (June, 2004), pp. 764 -- 790
  2. T. P. Witelski and A. J. Bernoff and A. L. Bertozzi, Blowup and dissipation in a critical-case unstable thin film equation, European Journal Of Applied Mathematics, vol. 15 (April, 2004), pp. 223 -- 256
  3. Chad Topaz and Andrea L. Bertozzi, Swarming dynamics and pattern formation in a model for biological group motion, to appear in SIAM J. Appl. Math. (Accepted, March, 2004)
  4. C. M. Topaz and A. L. Bertozzi, Swarming patterns in a two-dimensional kinematic model for biological groups, Siam Journal On Applied Mathematics, vol. 65 no. 1 (2004), pp. 152 -- 174
  5. Junjie Zhou, B. Dupuy, A.L. Bertozzi and A. E. Hosoi, Shock dynamics in particle-laden thin films (Submitted, 2004)