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Papers Published

  1. with Bryant, R; Griffiths, PA, Some observations on the infinitesimal period relations for regular threefolds with trivial canonical bundle, in Arithmetic and geometry, Vol. II, Progress in Mathematics, edited by Artin, M; Tate, J, vol. 36 (1983), pp. 77-102, Birkhäuser Boston, ISBN 3-7643-3133-X [MR86a:32044]
    (last updated on 2019/08/20)

    Author's Comments:
    We examine the infinitesimal period relations of a 3-fold with trivial canonical bundle and show that they represent an exterior differential system on the higher period domain that is the first prolongation of a contact system on a `de-prolonged' period domain. This has some interesting consequences for relations between the so called A-periods and B-periods, showing that they can be expressed in terms of a single `potential' function.

    Of course, in recent years, 3-folds with trivial canonical bundle have become a central part of string theory. The literature on these complex manifolds and their geometry and deformation theory has seen an explosive growth, which I am not competent to catalog. I would suggest that you contact my colleague, D. Morrison (, if you want pointers to a survey article.

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