Publications [#320198] of Robert Bryant

Papers Published

  1. Bryant, RL, Gradient Kähler Ricci solitons, in Géométrie différentielle, physique mathématique, mathématiques et société. I., Astérisque, Astérisque, vol. 321 no. 321 (Spring, 2008), pp. 51-97, Soc. Math. France, ISBN 978-285629-258-7
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    Some observations about the local and global generality of gradient Kahler Ricci solitons are made, including the existence of a canonically associated holomorphic volume form and vector field, the local generality of solutions with a prescribed holomorphic volume form and vector field, and the existence of Poincaré coordinates in the case that the Ricci curvature is positive and the vector field has a fixed point. © Asterisque 321.