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Papers Published

  1. Barnes, J; McCracken, DD; Bryant, R; Reiser, S, Teaching human-computer interaction: Reports from the trenches, ACM SIGCSE Bulletin (July, 2003), pp. 125-126
    (last updated on 2018/01/19)

    Most schools introduce HCI into the CS curriculum through a bootstrapping process. There are many excellent HCI programs at universities around the world, and some new faculty with HCI graduate degrees are starting to appear. But the extreme shortage of faculty forces most schools now starting to teach HCI to use the time-honored method of learning a subject by teaching it. Consensus: Insert HCI into any opening you can find. Learn more about the subject yourself. Let colleagues get comfortable with the idea. A required course in HCI may be some years off, or maybe you will never do exactly that, but you will have laid the foundation for getting HCI into your curriculum.
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