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Former Ph.D. Students of David R Morrison

  • Curto, Carina P. (2005)
    Matrix model superpotentials and Calabi-Yau spaces: an A-D-E classification
  • Richard-Paul Horja (1999)
    Hypergeometric Functions and Mirror Symmetry in Toric Varieties
  • Yiannis Vlasspoulos (1998)
    Quantum Cohomology and the Loop Space
  • Christopher Scott Peterson (1994)
    Applications of Liaison Theory to Schemes Supported on Lines, Growth of the Deficiency Module, and Low Rank Vector Bundles. (Co-supervisor with Juan Migliore of Notre Dame)
  • Yun-Gang Ye (1991)
    Relative Brill-Noether Theory and an Infinitesimal Version of the Harris-Mumford Problem
  • Qi Zhang (1990)
    Adjunction for Vector Bundles, Characterizations of Uniruled Varieties, and Small Contraction Mappings
  • Antonella Grassi (1990)
    Minimal Models of Elliptic Threefolds
  • Dong-Kwan Shin (1990)
    Pluricanonical Maps of Threefolds of General Type
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