Publications of ELLEN K. GASPAROVIC

Papers Accepted

  1. G. Bal, J. Bergbauer, E. W. Chambers, E. Gasparovic, R. Hu, K. Leonard, M. Shaker, C. Wenk, Skeleton-based recognition of shapes in images via longest path matching, to appear in Research in Shape Analysis (2014)

Papers Submitted

  1. P. Bendich, E. Gasparovic, J. Harer, R. Izmailov, L. Ness, Multi-scale Local Shape Analysis and Feature Selection in Machine Learning Applications (2014)
  2. J. Damon, E. Gasparovic, Medial/Skeletal Linking Structures for Multi-Region Configurations (115 pages) (2013)


  1. J. Damon, E. Gasparovic, Shape and Positional Geometry of Multi-Object Configurations (2014)
  2. J. Damon, E. Gasparovic, Modeling Multi-Object Configurations Via Medial/Skeletal Linking Structures (2014)


  1. Ellen Gasparovic, The Blum Medial Linking Structure for Multi-Region Analysis (2012) (Ph.D. thesis.)