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Publications [#243905] of Ezra Miller

Papers Published

  1. with Anderson, D; Griffeth, S; Miller, E, Positivity and Kleiman transversality in equivariant K-theory of homogeneous spaces, Journal of the European Mathematical Society, vol. 13 no. 1 (January, 2011), pp. 57-84, European Mathematical Publishing House, ISSN 1435-9855 [math.AG/0808.2785], [DOI:10.4171/JEMS/244], [doi]
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    We prove the conjectures of Graham-Kumar [GrKu08] and Griffeth-Ram [GrRa04] concerning the alternation of signs in the structure constants for torus-equivariant K-theory of generalized flag varieties G/P. These results are immediate consequences of an equivariant homological Kleiman transversality principle for the Borel mixing spaces of homogeneous spaces, and their subvarieties, under a natural group action with finitely many orbits. The computation of the coefficients in the expansion of the equivariant K-class of a subvariety in terms of Schubert classes is reduced to an Euler characteristic using the homological transversality theorem for nontransitive group actions due to S. Sierra. A vanishing theorem, when the subvariety has rational singularities, shows that the Euler characteristic is a sum of at most one term-the top one-with a well-defined sign. The vanishing is proved by suitably modifying a geometric argument due to M. Brion in ordinary K-theory that brings Kawamata-Viehweg vanishing to bear. © European Mathematical Society 2011.
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