Publications [#319316] of Henry Pfister

Papers Published

  1. Li, S; Huang, YC; Liu, T; Pfister, HD, On the limits of treating interference as noise for two-user symmetric Gaussian interference channels, Ieee International Symposium on Information Theory Proceedings, vol. 2015-June (September, 2015), pp. 1711-1715, IEEE, ISBN 9781467377041
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    © 2015 IEEE. The limits of treating interference as noise are studied for the canonical two-user symmetric Gaussian interference channel. A two-step approach is proposed for finding approximately optimal input distributions in the high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) regime. First, approximately and precisely optimal input distributions are found for the Avestimehr-Diggavi-Tse (ADT) linear deterministic model. These distributions are then translated, systematically, into Gaussian models, which we show can achieve the sum capacity to within O(log log(SNR)).