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Publications [#319337] of Henry Pfister

Papers Published

  1. Jian, YY; Pfister, HD; Narayanan, KR; Rao, R; Mazahreh, R, Iterative hard-decision decoding of braided BCH codes for high-speed optical communication, Globecom Ieee Global Telecommunications Conference (January, 2013), pp. 2376-2381, IEEE, ISBN 9781479913534 [doi]
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    Designing error-correcting codes for optical communication is challenging mainly because of the high data rates (e.g., 100 Gbps) required and the expectation of low latency, low overhead (e.g., 7% redundancy), and large coding gain (e.g., >9dB). Although soft-decision decoding (SDD) of low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes is an active area of research, the mainstay of optical transport systems is still the iterative hard-decision decoding (HDD) of generalized product codes with algebraic syndrome decoding of the component codes. This is because iterative HDD allows many simplifications and SDD of LDPC codes results in much higher implementation complexity. In this paper, we use analysis and simulation to evaluate tightly-braided block codes with BCH component codes for high-speed optical communication. Simulation of the iterative HDD shows that these codes are competitive with the best schemes based on HDD. Finally, we suggest a specific design that is compatible with the G.709 framing structure and exhibits a coding gain of >9.35 dB at 7% redundancy under iterative HDD with a latency of approximately 1 million bits. © 2013 IEEE.
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