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Publications [#287105] of Ingrid Daubechies

Papers Published

  1. Daubechies, I, The work of Yves Meyer, Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians 2010, Icm 2010 (December, 2010), pp. 114-124
    (last updated on 2019/09/24)

    Yves Meyer has made numerous contributions to mathematics, several of which will be reviewed here, in particular in number theory, harmonic analysis and partial differential equations. His work in harmonic analysis led him naturally to take an interest in wavelets, when they emerged in the early 1980s; his synthesis of the advanced theoretical results in singular integral operator theory, established by himself and others, and of the requirements imposed by practical applications, led to enormous progress for wavelet theory and its applications. Wavelets and wavelet packets are now standard, extremely useful tools in many disciplines; their success is due in large measure to the vision, the insight and the enthusiasm of Yves Meyer.
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