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Publications [#287113] of Ingrid Daubechies

Papers Published

  1. Daubechies, I; Grossmann, A, An integral transform related to quantization, Journal of Mathematical Physics, vol. 21 no. 8 (December, 1979), pp. 2080-2090, AIP Publishing, ISSN 0022-2488 [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/08/21)

    We study in some detail the correspondence between a function f on phase space and the matrix elements (Qf)(a, b) of its quantized Q f between the coherent states |a< and |b<. It is an integral transform: Qf(a, b) = ∫{a, b |v} f(v) dv which resembles in many ways the integral transform of Bargmann. We obtain the matrix elements of Q f between harmonic oscillator states as the Fourier coefficients of f with respect to an explicit orthonormal system. © 1980 American Institute of Physics.
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