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Publications [#330516] of Ingrid Daubechies

Papers Published

  1. Cvetković, Z; Daubechies, I; Logan, BF, Interpolation of bandlimited functions from quantized irregular samples, Data Compression Conference Proceedings, vol. 2002-January (January, 2002), pp. 412-421, IEEE Comput. Soc, ISBN 0769514774 [doi]
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    © 2002 IEEE. The problem of reconstructing a π-bandlimited signal f from its quantized samples taken at an irregular sequence of points (tk)k∈ZZ arises in oversampled analog-to-digital conversion. The input signal can be reconstructed from the quantized samples (f(tk))k∈ZZ by estimating samples (f(n/λ))n∈ZZ, where λ is the average uniform density of the sequence (tk)k∈ZZ, assumed here to be greater than one, followed by linear low-pass filtering. We study three techniques for estimating samples (f(n/λ))n∈ZZ from quantized irregular samples (f(tk))k∈ZZ, including Lagrangian interpolation, and two other techniques which result in a better overall accuracy of oversampled A/D conversion.
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