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Publications [#345763] of Joseph D Rabinoff

Papers Published

  1. Dupuy, T; Katz, E; Rabinoff, J; Zureick-Brown, D, Total p-differentials on schemes over Z/p2, Journal of Algebra, vol. 524 (April, 2019), pp. 110-123 [doi]
    (last updated on 2021/05/14)

    For a scheme X defined over the length 2 p-typical Witt vectors W (k) of a characteristic p field, we introduce total p-differentials which interpolate between Frobenius-twisted differentials and Buium's p-differentials. They form a sheaf over the reduction X , and behave as if they were the sheaf of differentials of X over a deeper base below W (k). This allows us to construct the analogues of Gauss–Manin connections and Kodaira–Spencer classes as in the Katz–Oda formalism. We make connections to Frobenius lifts, Borger–Weiland's biring formalism, and Deligne–Illusie classes. 2 0 2
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