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Publications [#348383] of Jayce R. Getz

Papers Published

  1. Getz, JR; Liu, B, A refined Poisson summation formula for certain Braverman-Kazhdan spaces, Science China Mathematics, vol. 64 no. 6 (June, 2021), pp. 1127-1156 [doi]
    (last updated on 2021/10/23)

    Braverman and Kazhdan (2000) introduced influential conjectures aimed at generalizing the Fourier transform and the Poisson summation formula. Their conjectures should imply that quite general Langlands L-functions have meromorphic continuations and functional equations as predicted by Langlands’ functoriality conjecture. As an evidence for their conjectures, Braverman and Kazhdan (2002) considered a setting related to the so-called doubling method in a later paper and proved the corresponding Poisson summation formula under restrictive assumptions on the functions involved. The connection between the two papers is made explicit in the work of Li (2018). In this paper, we consider a special case of the setting in Braverman and Kazhdan’s later paper and prove a refined Poisson summation formula that eliminates the restrictive assumptions of that paper. Along the way we provide analytic control on the Schwartz space we construct; this analytic control was conjectured to hold (in a slightly different setting) in the work of Braverman and Kazhdan (2002).
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