Publications [#243844] of Jonathan C. Mattingly

Papers Published

  1. Mattingly, JC, Exponential convergence for the stochastically forced Navier-Stokes equations and other partially dissipative dynamics, Communications in Mathematical Physics, vol. 230 no. 3 (November, 2002), pp. 421-462, ISSN 0010-3616
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    We prove that the two dimensional Navier-Stokes equations possess an exponentially attracting invariant measure. This result is in fact the consequence of a more general "Harris-like" ergodic theorem applicable to many dissipative stochastic PDEs and stochastic processes with memory. A simple iterated map example is also presented to help build intuition and showcase the central ideas in a less encumbered setting. To analyze the iterated map, a general "Doeblin-like" theorem is proven. One of the main features of this paper is the novel coupling construction used to examine the ergodic theory of the non-Markovian processes.