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Publications of Leonardo Constantin Mihalcea    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:

Papers Accepted

  1. Leonardo C. Mihalcea, On equivariant quantum cohomology of homogeneous spaces: a Chevalley formula and algorithms, to appear in Duke Math. J. (2006) [math.AG/0501213]
  2. with Paolo Aluffi, Chern classes of Schubert cells and varieties, to appear in Journal of Algebraic Geometry; Max Planck Institute fur Mathematik preprint series (2006) [math.AG/0607752]
  3. L. Mihalcea, Equivariant quantum Schubert Calculus, Advances in Math. (2005) [math.AG/0406066]
  4. L. Mihalcea, Giambelli formulae for the equivariant quantum cohomology of the Grassmannian, Transactions of AMS (2005) [math.CO/0506335]
  5. L. Mihalcea, Positivity in equivariant quantum Schubert Calculus, American Journal of Mathematics (2005) [math.AG/0407239]
  6. with Gianni Ciolli, A canonical resolution of singularities of a triple covering of algebraic surfaces, Le Matematiche - proceedings of the Summer School ``Pragmatic (2001)


  1. Anders S. Buch and Leonardo C. Mihalcea, Quantum K-theory of Grassmannians, submitted (2008) [arXiv:0810.0981]
  2. Takeshi Ikeda, Leonardo C. Mihalcea and Hiroshi Naruse, Double Schubert polynomials for the classical groups (2008) [arXiv:0810.1348]
  3. L. Mihalcea, Sums of binomial determinants, non-intersecting lattice paths and positivity of Chern-Schwartz-MacPherson classes, submitted (2007) [math.CO/0702566]
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