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Publications of Mark Huber    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:

Papers Published

  1. M. Huber, Perfect simulation with exponential tails, Random Structures and Algorithms, vol. 33 no. 1 (August, 2008), pp. 29--43, Wiley InterScience  [abs]
  2. M. Huber and J. Law, Fast approximation of the permanent for very dense problems, in Proceedings of the nineteenth annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (2008), pp. 681--689, SIAM, Philadelphia, PA, USA  [abs]
  3. M. Huber, Perfect simulation for image restoration, Stochastic Models, vol. 23 no. 3 (August, 2007), pp. 475--487, Taylor and Francis  [abs]
  4. D. Hearn and M. Huber, The Ancestral Distance test: A topdown approach to detect correlated evolution in large lineages with missing character data and incomplete phylogenies, Systematic Biology, vol. 55 no. 5 (October, 2006), pp. 803--817, Taylor & Francis  [abs]
  5. M. Huber, Y. Chen, I. Dinwoodie, A. Dobra, and M. Nicholas, Monte Carlo algorithms for Hardy-Weinberg proportions, Biometrics, vol. 62 no. 1 (March, 2006), pp. 49--53, Blackwell Synergy  [abs]
  6. Mark L. Huber, Fast perfect sampling from linear extensions, Discrete Mathematics, vol. 306 (2006), pp. 420--428, Elsevier  [abs]
  7. M. Huber, Exact sampling from perfect matchings in dense regular graphs, Algorithmica, vol. 44 (2006), pp. 183--193, Springer Science+Business Media, Inc.  [abs]
  8. B. P. Tighe, J. E.S. Socolar, D.G. Schaeffer, W. G. Mitchener, and M. L. Huber, Force distributions in a triagonal lattice of rigid bars, Physical Review E, vol. 72 no. 031306 (2005), APS Journals [e031306]  [abs]
  9. Yuguo Chen, Ian Dinwoodie, Adrian Dobra, and Mark Huber, Lattice Point, contingency tables and sampling, Contemporary Mathematics, vol. 374 (2005), pp. 65--78, American Mathematical Society  [abs]
  10. Mark Huber, Perfect sampling using bounding chains, The Annals of Applied Probability, vol. 14 no. 2 (August, 2004), pp. 734--753, Institute of Mathematical Statistics  [abs]
  11. M. Huber, G. Reinert, The Stationary Distribution in the Antivoter Model: Exact Sampling and Approximations, in Stein's Method: Expository Lectures and Applications (2004), pp. 79--94  [abs]
  12. Y. Chen, I. Dinwoodie, A. Dobra, and M. Huber, Lattice points, contingency tables, and sampling, 6th SIAM Conference on Dynamical Systems (2003)
  13. Mark L. Huber, A bounding chain for Swendsen-Wang, Random Structures and Algorithms, vol. 22 no. 1 (2002), pp. 53--59  [abs]
  14. J. A. Fill and M. L. Huber, The Randomness Recycler approach to perfect sampling, 53rd Annual Meeting of the ISI (2001), pp. 69--72  [abs]
  15. A. Benjamin, M. Huber, M. Fluet, Optimal Token Allocations in Solitaire Knock 'm Down, The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, vol. 8 no. 2 (2001), pp. 1--8  [abs]
  16. James A. Fill, Mark L. Huber, The Randomness Recycler: A new technique for perfect sampling, Proceeding of the 41th Annual IEEE Symposium on the Foundations of Computer Science (2001)  [abs]
  17. Mark L. Huber, A faster method for sampling independent sets, Proceedings of the 11th Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (2000), pp. 624-626  [abs]
  18. Stephen Ahearn, Mark L. Huber, Gary Sherman, Finite groups can be arbitrarily Hamiltonian, Communications in Algebra, vol. 27 no. 3 (1999), pp. 1013--1016  [abs]
  19. M. Huber, Exact Sampling and Approximate Counting Techniques, Proc. 30th ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing (1998), pp. 31--40  [abs] [author's comments]

Papers Accepted

  1. M. Huber, Spatial point processes, in Handbook of MCMC, edited by Brooks, Gelman, Jones, Meng (April, 2008)
  2. D. B. Woodard, S. C. Schmidler and M. Huber, Conditions for Rapid Mixing of Parallel and Simulated Tempering on Multimodal Distributions, Annals of Applied Probability (2007)

Papers Submitted

  1. M. L. Huber and R. L. Wolpert, Perfect Simulation of Matern Type III Repulsive Point Processes (September, 2008)  [abs]
  2. M. Huber, Spatial Birth-Death-Swap Chains, Bernoulli (May, 2008)  [abs]
  3. D. B. Woodard, S. Schmidler, and M. Huber, Conditions for Torpid Mixing of Parallel and Simulated Tempering on Multimodal Distributions, Stochastic Processes and their Applications (2007)
  4. F. Mitha and M. Huber, Monotonic Multigamma coupling for perfect sampling, TOMACS (2006)  [abs] [author's comments]


  1. James A. Fill, Mark L. Huber, Linear expected time perfect generation of proper colorings of low degree graphs (2008)  [abs]
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