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Publications [#325464] of Matthew S Junge

Papers Published

  1. Benjamini, I; Foxall, E; Gurel-Gurevich, O; Junge, M; Kesten, H, Site recurrence for coalescing random walk, Electronic Communications in Probability, vol. 21 (January, 2016), Institute of Mathematical Statistics [doi]
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    © 2016, University of Washington. All rights reserved. Begin continuous time random walks from every vertex of a graph and have particles coalesce when they collide. We use a duality relation with the voter model to prove the process is site recurrent on bounded degree graphs, and for Galton-Watson trees whose offspring distribution has exponential tail. We prove bounds on the occupation probability of a site, as well as a general 0-1 law. Similar conclusions hold for a coalescing process on trees where particles do not backtrack.
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