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Publications of Rayan Saab    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:

Papers Published

  1. F. Krahmer, R. Saab, R. Ward, Root-exponential accuracy for coarse quantization of finite frame expansions, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory (February, 2012) [pdf]
  2. M. P. Friedlander, H. Mansour, R. Saab, Ö. Yilmaz, Recovering Compressively Sampled Signals Using Partial Support Information, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory (February, 2012) [1010.4612v2]
  3. R. Saab, O. Yilmaz, Sparse recovery by non-convex optimization -- instance optimality, Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis. (2009) [002]
  4. E. van den Berg, M.P. Friedlander, G. Hennenfent, F. J. Herrmann, R. Saab, O. Yilmaz., Sparco: a testing framework for sparse reconstruction, ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software (2009) [pdf]
  5. D. Wang, R. Saab, Ö. Yilmaz, F. J. Herrmann., Bayesian wavefield separation by transform-domain sparsity promotion, Geophysics (2008) [html]

Papers Accepted

  1. S. Güntürk, M. Lammers, A. Powell, R. Saab, O. Yilmaz., Sobolev duals for random frames and Sigma-Delta quantization of compressed sensing measurements, Foundations of Computational Mathematics (2012)

Papers Submitted

  1. N. Strawn, A. Armagan, R.Saab, L. Carin, D. Dunson, Finite sample posterior concentration in high-dimensional regression (2012)


  1. A. Powell, R. Saab, O. Yilmaz, Quantization and finite frames, in Finite frames, edited by P. Casazza, G. Kutyniok (2012), ISBN 978-0-8176-8373-3
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