EMSW21-RTG: Enhanced Training and Recruitment in Mathematical Biology

Grant Number:
Funding Agency:
PI: Michael C Reed
Additional Researchers: Anita Layton, Harold Layton,Jonathan Mattingly,David Schaeļ¬€er,, Jack Bookman, John Harer,Stephanos Venakides,Mauro Maggioni,, Sayan Mukherjee,James Nolen,Thomas Witelski,
Effective Dates: 2010/07-2015/06
Amount: $2,185,000

Description: This is a training grant in mathematical biology. It has 48 half-stipends for graduate students, 48 summer stipends for graduate students, 40 summer stipends for undergraduates, funds to support three postdocs, and funds to support five workshops for students from small colleges in the Southeast..