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Publications [#243471] of Richard T. Durrett

Papers Published

  1. Durrett, R; Levin, S, Allelopathy in Spatially Distributed Populations, Journal of Theoretical Biology, vol. 185 no. 2 (March, 1997), pp. 165-171, Elsevier BV [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/04/22)

    In a homogeneously mixing population of E. coli, colicin-producing and colicin-sensitive strategies both may be evolutionarily stable for certain parameter ranges, with the outcome of competition determined by initial conditions. In contrast, in a spatially-structured population, there is a unique ESS for any given set of parameters; the outcome is determined by how effective allelopathy is in relation to its costs. Furthermore, in a spatially-structured environment, a dynamic equilibrium may be sustained among a colicin-sensitive type, a high colicin-producing type, and a 'cheater' that expends less on colicin production but is resistant.
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