Research Interests for William L. Pardon

Research Interests: Algebra and Geometry of Varieties

In [1] an old question of de Rham about the topological classification of rotations of Euclidean space was largely answered in the affirmative.

Methods of algebraic K-theory were used to study quadratic forms defined over an affine k-algebra in [2] and [4], and to relate their properties to geometric properties of the variety underlying the k-algebra ([3]).

More recently Professor Pardon has studied the algebraic topology and differential geometry of singular spaces ([5], [6], [10]). In particular [5] and [6] examine how the singularities of a space limit the existence of characteristic classes; on the other hand, in the case of arbitrary Hermitian locally symmetric spaces, [10] shows how characteristic classes on the smooth locus may be extended canonically over the singularities, even when the tangent bundle does not so extend.

Paper [7] looks at the arithmetic genus, in the sense of L2-cohomology, of singular algebraic surfaces. In [8] Professor Pardon and Professor Stern verify a conjecture of MacPherson and settle the questions partially answered in [7]; in [9] they give an analytic description of the Hodge structure on the intersection homology of a variety with isolated singularities.

Recent Publications
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