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Publications [#139484] of Abraham D Smith


  1. Rann Bar-On, Paul Bendich, Benjamin Cooke, Michael Gratton, Timothy Lucas, Michael Nicholas, Nicholas Robbins, Abraham Smith, Joseph Spivey, Graduate Calculus Curriculum Review, Spring 2007 (March, 2007) [pdf]
    (last updated on 2007/12/12)

    This document is the end result of a several-month-long study of the calculus curriculum by a group of experienced graduate instructors. Herein, we propose specific changes to each course as well as significant changes to the curriculum as a whole. We arrived at these proposals after carefully considering the mathematical content of each class, its intended audience, and the mathematical requirements of the various physical, biological, and social sciences. In the course of gathering this information, we interviewed graduate instructors, teaching faculty, and teachers of concurrent courses in many other departments.

    For each of 25L, 26L, 31L, 32L and the multivariable courses, we suggest shifting the position or emphasis of various topics, and we suggest alterations to specific lab assignments. In several cases, we have replacement labs in concept or in outline, and expect to write the new labs during Spring and Summer.

    Most significantly, we propose replacing 32 and 41 with 41L, a course we designed specifically for incoming freshmen who have gained AP credit for 31. The course is a careful balance of rigorous mathematics, computational techniques, and physical applications.
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