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Dong Yao, Graduate Student

Dong Yao

I am a fourth year PhD student in Department of Mathematics, Duke University. My advisor is Prof. Rick Durrett. I am broadly interested in probability theory, especially interacting particle systems. Models I have investigated include SIS process(contact process), SIR process and coalescing random walk process.

I have also worked on determinantal point process on the sphere, zeros of random polynomials and degree correlation of stochastic networks.

Prior to coming to Duke, I obtained my bachelor's degree in mathematics from University of Science and Technology of China. I was a member in Loo-Keng Hua class.

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Tue. 7-8 pm EST
Research Interests: Probability

Recent Publications

  1. van der Hoorn, P; Yao, D; Litvak, N, Average nearest neighbor degrees in scale-free networks, Internet Mathematics (January, 2018), Internet Mathematics [doi]
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