Dmitry Vagner, Graduate Student

Dmitry Vagner
Office Location:  037 Physics
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Office Hours:

Tuesday 2 - 4 pm

PhD Mathematics (in progress)Duke University2018
ScM Applied MathematicsBrown University2013
AB EconomicsBrown University2012

Applied Math
Research Interests: categorification and diagrammatic algebra with applications to low-dimensional topology and representation theory

Areas of Interest:

Category Theory
Algebraic Topology
Quantum Algebra

Recent Publications

  1. Dmitry Vagner, David I. Spivak, Eugene Lerman, Algebras of Open Dynamical Systems on the Operad of Wiring Diagrams, Theory and Application of Categories, vol. 30 no. 51 (December, 2015), pp. 1793-1822 [html]