Hangjun Xu, Graduate Student

Hangjun Xu
Office Location:  037 Physics
Email Address: send me a message
Starting Year:   2009  
Mentor(s):   Richard Hain
Advisor(s):   Hubert Bray

Typical Courses Taught:


Ph.D. in MathematicsDuke University (advisor: Hubert Bray)2014
M.S. in Computer ScienceDuke University (advisor: Pankaj K. Agarwal)2014
B.S. Honors in Pure and Applied MathematicsZhejiang University (advisor: Weimin Sheng)2009

Research Interests: Differential Geometry and Geometric Analysis

Areas of Interest:

-Geometric PDE, Analysis on Manifolds
-Interplay Between Geometry, Topology and Analysis
-Geometric and Data Mining Algorithms

Recent Publications

  1. H. Xu, Uniformly Area Expanding Flows in Spacetimes (theis, Duke University) (April, 2014) [Xu_duke_0066D_12371.pdf]
Selected Outreach Activities

  1. Academic Outreach Visit, February, 2007, University of Washington, Seattle    
Selected Talks

  1. Inverse Mean Curvature Vector Flows in Spacetimes, April 25, 2014, Duke University Graduate/Faculty Seminar [video.html]    
  2. An Algorithm for Comparing Similarity Between Two Trees: Edit Distance with Gaps, April 7, 2014, D344 LSRC, Duke University [available here]    
  3. Inverse Mean Curvature Vector Flows in Spacetimes, April 1, 2014, Social Sciences 228, Duke University    
  4. Constant Mean Curvature Surface in Asymptotically Flat Manifolds, April 5, 2013, Duke University Graduate/Faculty Seminar [video.html]    
  5. Applications of Jacobi Field Estimates on Topology and Curvature, November 20, 2011, Duke University Morse Theory Seminar    
  6. Path Space and Variation of Energy, October 23, 2011, Duke University Morse Theory Seminar    
  7. The Automorphism Group of a Compact Hyperbolic Riemann Surface is Finite, April 19, 2011, Duke University Algebraic Topology Seminar    
  8. Harmonic Map and its Applications, June 22, 2010, Zhejiang University Differential Geometry Seminar [news.asp]