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Publications [#9681] of Joshua B. Holden

Papers Accepted

  1. Joshua Holden, Comparison of algorithms to calculate quadratic irregularity of prime numbers, Mathematics of Computation , accepted 2000 [math.NT/0010286], [available here]
    (last updated on 2000/11/09)

    In previous work, the author has extended the concept of regular and irregular primes to the setting of arbitrary totally real number fields $k_{0}$, using the values of the zeta function $\zeta_{k_{0}}$ at negative integers as our ``higher Bernoulli numbers''. We are interested in the feasibility of finding these analogues of irregular primes, both as pure theory and also because they are associated with class groups which may be especially suitable for cryptography. In the case where $k_{0}$ is a real quadratic field, Siegel presented two formulas for calculating these zeta-values: one using entirely elementary methods and one which is derived from the theory of modular forms. (The author would like to thank Henri Cohen for suggesting an analysis of the second formula.) We briefly discuss several algorithms based on these formulas and compare the running time involved in using them to determine the index of $k_{0}$-irregularity (more generally, ``quadratic irregularity'') of a prime number.
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