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Publications [#9772] of Joshua B. Holden

Papers Submitted

  1. Joshua Brandon Holden, A quantitative Fontaine-Mazur analogue for function fields, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society , submitted 2000 [math.NT/0010284]
    (last updated on 2000/12/22)

    Let k be a function field over a finite field F of characteristic p and order q, and l a prime not equal to p. Let K = k F_{l^\ infty} be obtained from k by taking the maximal l-extension of the constant field. If M is an unramified l-adic analytic l-extension of k, and M does not contain K, must M be a finite extension of k? The answer is, in general, ``no'', but for some k the answer is ``yes''. We attempt to estimate the proportion of k with each answer.
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