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Publications [#328824] of Hau-Tieng Wu

Papers Published

  1. Wu, H-T; Wu, H-K; Wang, C-L; Yang, Y-L; Wu, W-H; Tsai, T-H; Chang, H-H, Modeling the Pulse Signal by Wave-Shape Function and Analyzing by Synchrosqueezing Transform., Plos One, vol. 11 no. 6 (January, 2016), pp. e0157135 [doi]
    (last updated on 2018/12/12)

    We apply the recently developed adaptive non-harmonic model based on the wave-shape function, as well as the time-frequency analysis tool called synchrosqueezing transform (SST) to model and analyze oscillatory physiological signals. To demonstrate how the model and algorithm work, we apply them to study the pulse wave signal. By extracting features called the spectral pulse signature, and based on functional regression, we characterize the hemodynamics from the radial pulse wave signals recorded by the sphygmomanometer. Analysis results suggest the potential of the proposed signal processing approach to extract health-related hemodynamics features.
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