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Publications [#208949] of Joshua Vogelstein

Papers Published

  1. Priebe, Carey E. and Vogelstein, Joshua T. and Bock, Davi D, Optimizing the quantity/quality trade-off in connectome inference, Communications in Statistics Theory and Methods (2011), pp. 7 [6271]
    (last updated on 2012/09/19)

    We demonstrate a meaningful prospective power analysis for an (admittedly idealized) illustrative connectome inference task. Modeling neurons as vertices and synapses as edges in a simple random graph model, we optimize the trade-off between the number of (putative) edges identified and the accuracy of the edge identification procedure. We conclude that explicit analysis of the quantity/quality trade-off is imperative for optimal neuroscientific experimental design. In particular, more though more errorful edge identification can yield superior inferential performance.
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