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Publications [#16786] of John V. Matthews

Papers Accepted

  1. P.A. Gremaud, J.V. Matthews, D.G. Schaeffer, Secondary Circulation in Granular Flow through Nonaxisymmetric Hoppers, SIAM J. Appl. Math. (To Appear), SIAM
    (last updated on 2003/12/19)

    Jenike's radial solution, widely used in the design of materials-handling equipment, is a similarity solution of steady-state continuum equations for the flow under gravity of granular material through an infinite, right-circular cone. In this paper we study how the geometry of the hopper influences this solution. Using perturbation theory, we compute a first-order correction to the (steady-state) velocity resulting from a small change in hopper geometry, either distortion of the cross section or tilting away from vertical. Unlike for the Jenike solution, all three components of the correction velocity are nonzero: i.e., there is secondary circulation in the perturbed flow.
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