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Publications [#16791] of John V. Matthews

Papers Submitted

  1. P.A. Gremaud, J.V. Matthews, On the Computation of Steady Hopper Flows II: von Mises Materials in Various Geometries, J. Comput. Phys. (Submitted)
    (last updated on 2003/12/20)

    Similarity solutions are constructed for the flow of granular materials through hoppers. Unlike previous work, the present approach can be applied to nonaxisymmetric containers. The resulting model involves ten unknowns (stresses, velocity, and plasticity function) determined by nine nonlinear first order partial differential equations together with a quadratic algebraic constraint correspond ing to a yield condition. A pseudospectral discretization based on Fourier/Chebyshev-Gauss-Radau collocation is applied and the resulting problem is then solved with a trust region method. Numerical experiments corresponding to different hopper shapes are discussed.
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