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Publications [#9747] of John V. Matthews

Papers Published

  1. Pierre A. Gremaud, John V. Matthews, Michael Shearer, Similarity solution for granular flows in hoppers, Proceedings of the SIAM/AMS Conference on Nonlinear PDEs, Dynamics and Continuum Physics; J. Bona, K. Saxton, R. Saxton, Eds.; AMS Contemporary Mathematics Series, 2000, pp. 79-95
    (last updated on 2000/12/18)

    Similarity solutions for the steady state equations governing flow of granular materials under gravity in a conical or wedge-shaped hopper are constructed. Such solutions can be considered for various plasticity models. Results obtained under the classical Mohr-Coulomb yield condition are compared with those obtained when a von Mises yield contidion is imposed. A thorough stability study in the case of the Mohr-Coulomb materials, for which several important simplifications take place, is proposed.
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