Research Interests for Michael Abel

Research Interests: Categorified Quantum Link Invariants

My research focuses on studying various constructions in homology theories categorifying certain quantum link invariants, more specifically Khovanov-Rozansky homologies.

Areas of Interest:

Knot Theory
Quantum Algebra
Homological Algebra

Recent Publications
  1. HOMFLY-PT homology for general link diagrams and braidlike isotopy (Preprint, June, 2016) [arxiv:1607.00314]
  2. with M. Hogancamp, Stable homology of torus links via categorified Young symmetrizers II: one-column partitions (Submitted, February, 2016) [arXiv:1510.05330]
  3. with L. Rozansky, Virtual crossings and a filtration of the triply graded homology of a link diagram (Submitted, February, 2015) [arXiv:1410.5892]